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Saturday, 20 September 2014

What is Ticketing tool in SAP

What is Ticketing tool in SAP
These are generally used to handle production support environment. However they are some third party tools that we use to track the issues coming from the end users. Depending on the company and client the tools can vary.
For example:
Remedy, Clarify, OVSD, EARS, Peregrine etc.
It can also happen that a client wants you to use a specific tool developed particularly for him and would provide a login to the consulting company. So wherever this client goes for support the tool does not change. It might also happen that a third party tool like remedy is used.
Def of Ticketing Tool:  It is software which provides solutions for the tickets

---> Ticket means a problem. There are many ticketing tools are available.
 For example BMC Remedy.

Ticket No:
Start Time:
End Time:

Reporting Person: Email ID, Phone, Number will be there in this If Instructions are big attachments will be there

REMEDY is a customer relationship tool which can be used to
Log / monitor the issues or problems faced by customers by the means of incident management tickets. Each ticket is like an incident (problem) which is created by help desk and Assigned to relevant support team. Concerned support team member take the ownership of the Ticket and updates the work log (troubleshooting steps Performed during the course of action) Also, it can be used to monitor Service Requests / change Management (Change Requests) and problem management.

About Wok Log:  Maximo Work Log will be there.
----> Data Base team, UNIX team, Application team, Middle ware team
-----> Different teams will be involved in project will give their working status in this work log

SERV 1   :  Need to resolve tickets in 0-4 hours
SERV 2   :  Need to resolve tickets in 0-8 hours
SERV 3   : Need to resolve tickets in 3 working days.

Production Support: Should be on call support.
Situation Manager    : Makes everyone to attend on call.

Q) When you are On Call Support when you get Severity 1 ticket, how do you take action?
-----> Firstly open the ticket
------> Read the message what the problem is about
-----> Login to targeted Servers.
-----> Check Logs depending on Error.
------> Propagate first hand information to STAKE HOLDER (DUTY MANAGER)
------> Sit on Issue, fix it, and Close it