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Sunday, 5 January 2014

ECC Post Installation Steps

ECC Post Installation Steps

 SICK (or) SM28 – SAP installation check consistency
    To check the compatibility between O.S, DB & R/3

B. Slicence – to get the hardware key saplicence –get (cmd)

C. SE06 – perform the post installation activity and it is used for system level control

D. STMS – sap transport management system
     1.Login to the sap system with DDIC in client 000
     2.Go to STMS
     3.It will ask for the domain controller name
     4.Enter system ID of the domain controller
     5.Enter domain_<Sid> as domain controller name and enter the description
     6.Click save button

E. SE03 – system set to modifiable or not

F.RZ10 – import from the O.S levels to SAP level
   Go to utilities --->import --->of active servers

G. SCC4 – create the client

H. SU01 – create the users

I. SALE – create the logical system (BD54)

J. SMLT – install the language

K.DB13 – database back up

L. SGEN – we edges the software component. All the programs are compiled

M. SR13 – display of the library configuration
      Dynamic help
      Plain html http
      Plain html file
      Html help file

N. Check the house keeping jobs

                                                 Version of SAP

4.7 – 470 is kernel version

B. 4.7EE – 620 is  kernel version

C. NW04 sr1, sr2 – 640 is kernel version

D. NW2004Ssr1– 700 is kernel version, patch level – 6
       2004Ssr2 – 700 is kernel version, patch level – 9
       2004Ssr3 – 700 is kernel version, patch level – 14

E. ECC 5.0 – 640 is kernel version
    It is also called as ERP2004 Sr1, Sr2

F. ECC 6.0 – 700 is kernel version [ECC means enterprise central component]
    It is also called as ERP2005 Sr1, Sr2 and Sr3

G. Is it possible to install ECC5.0 as a test system and not production, without installing solution manager?
     During the installation you will be asked for a key, which can only be generated by the solution manager.