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Friday, 1 August 2014

ERROR - tsv_tnew_page_alloc_failed

ERROR - tsv_tnew_page_alloc_failed

Dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED or similar memory bottle neck errors occur. (You can view these in ST22)
Other Terms
Reason and Prerequisites
An application program tried to expand an internal table but the memory requirement to do so was too large.
Possible causes:
◦R/3 storage parameters have been set incorrectly
◦Too little physical memory or incorrect operating system settings
◦Program error ("memory leak")
◦Incorrect usage of the application (for example, the selection of too much data)
To facilitate the analysis, provide the following information whenever you open an OSS message:
(1) Memory consumption
The information regarding the allocated memory from the dump text in the "How to correct the error" section.
For example,
The size of the memory used in bytes at the time of the termination:
Roll area....................5778640
extended memory area(EM)     250550400
fixed storage space (HEAP)   400059808
Short area...................8063
Paging area..................24576
Max address area.............534910168

(2) system data

The total "system environment" from the dump text.

(3) documenting the essential R/3 storage parameter
Transaction ST02 / 'Detail analysis menu' button
In the 'Other buffers' area, 'SAP Memory' button
'Current Parameters' button
Include the list.

1. increase space/ or auto assign space.
You can check space in DB02.
2. Parameters in rz10 and restart the instance:
1. em/initial_size_MB = 8196,
2. ztta/roll_area = 6500000 and
3. rdisp/PG_MAXFS = 131072.
Note 1007749 - DataSource replication: Shrt dump