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Thursday, 20 March 2014

SAP System Load Generator (SGEN)

Introduction –

The transaction SGEN is used to generate ABAP loads for programs, function modules/groups and other applications also like Business Server Page applications (BSP applications).

SAP Uses Report RSPARAGENLOD to generate SGEN.

- In new SAP Systems no ABAP is compiled until it is called for the first time.

- Each time a user starts an un compiled ABAP he has to wait quite a long time for the ABAP       to compile, seen as an "Compiling hourglass" in the SAPGUI.

- All used ABAPs are saved in the table "REPOLOAD“.

- SGEN is used to regenerate existing loads, which are compiled ABAPs.

- Each time an ABAP or its dependency is changed, it needs to be compiled again.

- SGEN should be run after every Support Package or upgrade, because the ABAP sources    
   have been changed

- SGEN needs a lot of performance, recommend to run it when few users are accessing the 
   system e.g. on the weekend

- The runtime of SGEN depends on your SAP-System.

- It is recommended to restart the system after SGEN is finished.

Pre-Requisites –

Before we start the generation, make sure that we have some space in the database approx 5 GB and make sure that the tablespaces are not full.

Procedure for Using the SAP Load Generator –

On the initial screen of SGEN we can select the tasks which we need for generation. The following options are available.

transaction code SM37 (the job name is RSPARAGENER8).