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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Create Virtual Transport system in STMS

When we are implementation a Sap Project, the development server only available in the beginning, so developers perform their tasks which are assigned by project manager, when development project finished then developers need to release their tasks it is possible when we configure 2/3 system landscape with TMS configuration but now only one (dev) system available, so Virtual system created using tcode STMS and configure TMS. When live system is available we can replace virtual system by the live system i.e. (QAS).

The main importance of virtual system simply when live system not available we can configure/create Virtual system.

To do this first you login with your BASIS id in SAP System.
1. Open STMS

2. Select SAP System > Create > Virtual System

3. Fill New Virtual System ID and Description.

4. New created system will be displayed on screen.

5. Return to main screen and Open Transport Route

6. Open in change mode. Open Configuration > Standard Configuration > Development and Production System

7. Assign Development System as current system and Production as Virtual system

8. Route will be created

9. Save the configuration.

10. Distribute and activate configuration

Now release transport request from Quality system