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Monday, 30 June 2014

SAP Printer Configuration

SAP recommended printer installed in frontend/ Network.

1. Call SPAD.

02. Click on Change

03. Click Configuration->Output devices

04. Click Output Device->Create

05. Give Device Type as per requirement and Enter Printer Model & Location of the Printer.

06. Click on Access Method Tab and give Host Spool Access Method and Host printer as mentioned below and Save.

Other options like output Attributes and Tray Info are optional.

Now for testing a printout call any transaction say sp01.
Choose created by * and execute.
You’ll get the list of spool request. Lets take the printout of spool requests.
Now click on printer button.

You’ll get the following print dialog.


Choose the output device you have created.
Choose the printer.
Choose option print from page and enter 1 to 1
And click on  to give print.