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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

AWR Report - Database Performance Troubleshooting (Oracle)

AWR Report - Database Performance Troubleshooting
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AWRAutomatic Workload Repository
AWR Report is built in report from Oracle which helps to drill down the performance related issues in Database.
This report gives you overall statistical load on the database. You can easily point out the query / program which is putting highest load on the database or which is consuming highest CPU resources.
Enter user-name:
#su – oraxyz
#xyzadm> sqlplus "/as sysdba"
#SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/awrrpt.sql
#Enter value for begin_snap: 29386
#Enter value for end_snap: 29387
#Enter value for report_name: awr.html
xyzadm> sqlplus "/as sysdba"