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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

SAP Service Connector

System Prerequisites

  • SAP Service Connector can only be installed on a Microsoft Windows® platform.
  • SAPGUI must be installed on your PC.
  • The Saprouter should be reachable via the internal network of the customer

How the SAP Service Connector works

In order to enable SAP access to a customer system the network connection between customer's SAProuter and SAProuter at SAP (on sapservX) needs to be connected. SAP Service Connector accomplishes this by establishing an RFC connection from customer's PC via customer's SAProuter and SAP's SAProuter to the SAP Support Backend.
You only have to start SAP Service Connector in case the network connection is not yet in status "connected".


When you open a Service Connection you have to check the proposed Routestring which describes the path between your PC and your SAProuter. By default the Routestring will contain the parameters maintained in the System Data, which can be adjusted if necessary.
For example: /H/<LAN IP-address or hostname of your SAPRouter>/S/3299

The stfk.oez file

The stfk.oez file contains the connection parameters for the SAP Service Connector. It can be downloaded to your PC (and executed in a second step) or the SAP Service Connector can be called directly to open the network connection. SAP Service Connector uses the content of this file to generate an RFC-call to the SAP's Support Backend.
If the SAP Service Connector was unable to open the connection, then a Windows error message appears (Could not log-on to specified R/3 system.) and an error log is written into the file dev_rfc.trc.

How to install SAP Service Connector (Version 2.0.0)

WarningPlease note:
If you are already using a former version of the SAP Service Connector please uninstall it before installing version 2.0.0 (available since May 4th, 2006).

then download Service Connector