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Friday, 11 July 2014

ERROR - Reorganization of update date not allowed in batch

Sol-Note 16083 - Standard jobs, reorganization jobs
The standard job SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS that was contained in some delivered versions must no longer be executed (see Note 67014). In its new version, the underlying ABAP Program RSM13002 is programmed so that it terminates when running in a job (that is, in the background). Therefore, the job SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS always terminates in this case. In any case, the job SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS should be deleted from the pool of standard jobs, if it is still there: sm36 -> 'Standard jobs' -> 'delete standard jobs'. In addition, released jobs that may exist and contain report RSM13002 should be deleted. You can find and delete these jobs using sm37.