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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

SAP OSS Administration

Purpose: This document contains the simple instruction for opening OSS Administration. It includes opening OSS connection Searching SAP notes and reporting a product error to SAP.

Go to Internet explorer type URL “http://service.sap.com”                               
Click on SAP support portal

Provide the SUSER ID and password


Click On Help & Support in the next screen.


If there is any issue in SAP system, a message is posted to SAP.
SAP then requires access to login into our system for checking the problem. For this, we need to open the OSS connection to SAP based on their requirement.

We need to select the option “CONNECT TO SAP” in service market place and then open the connection (refer the below screen).

Click on Connect to SAP

Click on maintain connection.

In the next screen click on Search System/ Display all systems

Choose the desired server for which the connection needs to be opened.

Here you have to give the no of days you want to open the connection
Click on Start service Connector.

Now you need to go back to connect to sap screen.
The status of the selected server will appear in green.

Procedure: Searching SAP Notes

Go to Internet explorer type URL: http://service.sap.com
Click on SAP support portal

Provide the SUSER ID and password.


Click on Help & Support in the next screen


Click on search for SAP Note

Provide search criteria


Next screen will appear with the suggested Notes.
Select the related note.

The new screen will appear with a note

Click on PDF and save it.