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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Difference between full and whole backup

Whole backup
Backs up all database files, but this backup is not cataloged, which means that you cannot use it as a reference backup for an incremental backup with RMAN.

Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle utility that can back up, restore, and recover database files. The product is a feature of the Oracle database server and does not require separate installation. Recovery Manager is a client/server application that uses database server sessions to perform backup and recovery.
The RMAN BACKUP command supports backing up the following types of files:
  • Datafiles and control files
  • Server parameter file
  • Archived redo logs
  • RMAN backups
Although the database depends on other types of files, such as 
network configuration files, 
password files, and the contents of the Oracle home, you cannot back up these files with RMAN. 
Likewise, some features of Oracle, such as external tables, may depend upon files other than the datafiles, control files, and redo log. RMAN cannot back up these files. Use some non-RMAN backup solution for any files not in the preceding list.

Full backup
Backs up all database files. You can perform a full backup with or without RMAN. If you do not use RMAN, then RMAN is called separately to catalog the backup. This means that you can use this backup as a reference backup for an incremental backup with RMAN.

Both types are equally good.