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Sunday, 5 January 2014

SMLG – Logon load balancing

SMLG – Logon load balancing

 More than one instance we can configured the in that time we can use logon load balancing

B. Decreasing the load balancing on the C.I

C. Effective utilization of buffers

D. We can create and delete groups entire system

E. If the one instance is failed then the request goes to another instance failover

F. How to create the logon load balancing?
    Using the transaction code – SMLG ---> click on the create button ---> here we have to give the logon
    group and instance ---> copy ---> after open the GUI pad ---> click the NEW ITEM ---> next --->
    here we have to give the connection type (group server selection) ---> we have to the description,
    application server, system number, system ID ---> next ---> finish