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Sunday, 5 January 2014

SAP Config tool

Config tool

 To logon the config tool database should be up but their java is not mandatory

B. Without user ID & password we can log in the config tool

C. If you change this config tool then we can restart the sap system

D. Config tool path is – usr\sap\<Sid>\<instance number>\j2ee\config tool\ config.bat ---> windows OS
     (config.sh ---> UNIX)

E. Options:
    1.Cluster data
    2.Secure store
    3.UME LDAP Data
    Cluster data:
      Global dispatcher configuration
      Global server configuration
      Instance – id 60466 ---> for a specific instance changes of parameters
      If we change in the global that effect to instance
      If we change in the instance that effect to  that instance only
      JVM settings
      Secure store area
      Default logon tickets
      If we want to add one more server node (or) server process click on instance ---> click on add server
      button using config tool we can change the JVM settings
   Secure store area:
     We can change the parameter in security in config tool
     Secure store we can change the password (administration user password)
     We can maintain the administration and java schema user & password in secure store area using config
     Whenever we want to change the password we have to restart the sap system

      1. Ume.saperadmin.active
      2. Ume.logon.logon_help
          Key store --->default log on tickets)
    UME LDAP Date:
     1) In the config tool we can updated the LDAP Data server information if we are using active directory
     for the user connection
     2) To fetched the data from active servers using LDAP Data
     3) Services:
    Licensing service
    Locking service
    Log viewer service
    Log configure service
    JCO RFC service
    Security service
    SLD service
    SSL service
    4) Manager:
    Configuration manager: it process the configuration data from relationship of database
    Cluster manager: it manage the communication b/w J2EE engine cluster elements
    Service manager: it provides runtime elements of the J2EE engine
    Thread manager:
    Port manager: it manages the process of pooling java object.
    Long manager: it manages process of logging system