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Sunday, 5 January 2014

SAP Kernel patch upgrade

Kernel patch upgrade

A. What is the kernel patch upgrade?
     Kernel patch upgrade is a process of upgrading the executables files in the run directory with current

B. What are prerequisites for applying kernel patch upgrationad?
    1) Before applying kernel patch we have to take online backup (or) off line backup of the system
    2) Before applying kernel patch we have to take backup of this folder usr\sap\<Sid>sys\exe\uc\nti386\run
    3) Stop the sap system and stop all the sap services
    4) Download the current kernel from www.service.sap.com
    5) Download the kernel files they are Database Independent & Database dependent
    6) After downloading this files with get the file format.car (or) .sar files
    t Ex: file format is SAPEXE_Patchlevel.sar (DB independent), file format SAPEXEDB_Patchlevel.sar
    (DB dependent)
    7) Extract the downloaded files from by using following command
     SAPCAR –XVF Filename.sar new folder
     SAPCAR –XVF SAPEXE_Patchlevel.sar
     SAPCAR –XVF SAPEXEDB_Patchlevel.sar
    8) The files will be in the format of .EXE (or) .DLL (or) .DB ……..ext

C. How to apply the kernel?
    Take the extracted files from new folder and replace the existing kernel usr\sap\<Sid>\exe\uc\nti386\run
     with newly extracted files
    Once replacement has finished we need to start the services
    Go to services.msc then select the following files are started
    Go to MMC select the instance click the start button
    Once sap system is up & running check the kernel version
    Go to cmd prompt -----> disp+work (it will show the upgrade kernel version)

D. How to get the sap kernel files?
     Logon market place ---> s/w downloads ---> entry by application group ---> additional component ---
     > click0n  sap kernel (32 bit uc, 64 bit uc, 32 bit nuc, 64 bit nuc.)
    Once database independent is completed after that Database dependent completed

E. usr\sap\<Sid>\sys\exe\uc\nti386\run
    Run directory is called as a kernel directory
    This stores all the executables through which sap runs

F. Kernel is provided the communication between SAP, DB & O.S