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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sap startup problems

                                                        Sap startup problems

 Services may be stopped

B. Maybe no spaces at work directory in O.S level – dev_ms, dev_disp, sapstart.log, sapstartsrv.log, STD.
C. May be problems in startup, instance & default profile parameters

D. Work process may be crossed 100

E. Message server hostname may be changed

F. We have to check whether logged <Sid>adm (or) not

G. We have to check the oracle status up (or) not
     Cmd – sqlplus /as sysdba (enter)
     SQL :> select status from v$ instance;
    Open (or) mount (or) no mount (or) not available

H. If oracle is not coming up we need to start it
     SQL :> startup [to open the oracle]

I. Oracle blocks may be corrupted (we need to recover the data]

J. Ora arch directory may be full [backup & delete the old data]

K. Table space issues (or) space issues at O.S level [then increase the table space issues (or) increase O.S
     level spaces]

L. Dispatcher is not coming up in that time we have to check the listener
    Cmd: lsnctl (enter)
    Listener :> status (to check whether it is started or not
    Listener :> start [to start the listener]
    Listeners :> stop [to stop the listener]

M. If system is not coming up then change in instance profile that is rdisp\trace = 0, 1,2,3,4 then start sap
      again it will writes the logs into work directory (after starting sap system we need to change the trace
      level = “0”)
     [Trace = 0 – no trace is written to files]
     [Trace =1 – write error messages in the trace file]
     [Trace = 2 – write the full trace]
     [Trace = 3 – write the full trace including data blocks]