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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Questions on Transports

Questions on Transports

1.What are the most frequent errors while doing Transports.
 Return code(4):    Imported with errors
 Return code(8):    Not imported but ended with warning
 Return code(12):  Indicates import is cancelled
 Return code(14):  Indicates import is cancelled

2.What is the difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous transport
Synchronous:        Dialog or Batch process is blocked until import is ended
Asynchronous:      Dialog or batch process is started after import is started

3.List the four types of Transport requests
Customizing Request: changes to client specific customizing objects are recorded
Work bench Request: changes to cross client customizing objects and repository objects are recorded
Transport of copies: The objects are transported with the version they have in the current system.The         original location of the objects remain unchanged.There is no delivery to another system.

Relocation: We can use this request if we want to develop objects in another system on a temporary basis.Ex:We may want to make special c developments in a separate SAP system so as not to interfere with the development process.

4.How do we do Role Transports and how do we import that role
Create role with PFCG and next select truck symbol.It asks for new TR.Create new one and release in SE01.Log-in to target client and hit transaction SCC1 and give the proper TR number

5.How do one can disable the 'IMPORT ALL' button on STMS for the Queues
Log-in to your DC(Domain controller).Run STMS->Overview->System.Choose the system you want to disable IMPORT ALL. Goto transport tool tab.Add/create parameter.

6.How do you find if server is production
Goto STMS and from top pulldown menu select the system.It will display systems in your landscape.Select the PRD to find out all information about your production system

7.How to transport a single change request to multiple clients

We need to create transport route(extended transport routes).Create transport group and add systems and clients.Create transport to targeted group.

8.What is the biggest drawback of transports

The biggest drawback is that the changes we make cannot be undone i.e. after import gets wrong usually full system restore is needed.

9.How many files a transport request has and what are they.
Total five
Data files:Actual data to be transported.
Co-files:Conatins info on change request i.e. different steps of a change request
Profile files:It contains profile parameters
Transport log:Log,trace files&statistics
Support packs:contains update and enhancement related files

10.What is the job that runs in the background for Transports

11.Location of transport profile and Parameter for transport profile
The name of the transport profile depends on wether we have configured TMS.
When not using TMS:TPPARAM

12.Steps to configure Domain Controller.
First decide on the system to be the domain controller.
Log-in to the client 000 in the SAP system that you want to configure as the transport domain controller.Enter T-code STMS.TMS:configure transport domain(this dialog appears if we have not configured a transport domain).Enter the name and short description of the transport domain.The name of the transport domain must not contain blank characters.We cannot change the name of the transport domain afterwards without reconfiguring the domain controller and there by the entire transport domain.If your SAP system consists of multiple servers you can choose one server for the TMS.Save entries.The following actions are automatically performed in your system.The user TMSADM is created.The RFC connections required for TMS are generated.The TMS configuration is stored in transport directory.the transport profile for the transport control program TP is generated.the SAP system is configured as a single system.

13.How to troubleshoot when a transport is running for unusually long duration and not getting completed or terminated
Goto T-Code STMS_IMPORT and identify the transport which is running for long duration.
Reasons:Non-availability of space to perform the operation i.e.file system or tablespace is 100%full
RDDIMPDP jobs are not running in SAP system.
Update got deactivated
There are no free background work processes.

14.What do you do when you dont find any truck button in STMS
Log-on to DC(domain controller).Goto system overview,select domain controller,goto transport tool.remove NO_IMPORT_ALL

15.What is CTS+?
CTS(change and transport system) is the transport capability of the SAP netweaver ASABAP.This capability has been enhanced and now the transport of non-abap objects is possible as well.The '+' or 'enhanced 'has been added to express this

16.Error message:Logs not found during the transport.What could be the reason?
This is usually caused by incorrect maintenance of the setting for the transport directory.Check in particular the parameters DIR_TRANS and TRANSDIR

17.How to see old transports? 
In SE03:request/tasks->find requests.We can find requests to search with user range,date range and request range