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Sunday, 5 January 2014

SAP Support packages

Support packages

A. Patches:
 To fix the bugs, to get the functional enhancement and To upgrade the system to next level

B. SNOTE: SNOTE is the single object correction. They are 2 types
     Manual note: the note is provided the runtime issues.
     Corrective note: The note is providing the functional enhancement and fixes the bugs.

C. The process of applying NOTE got to the transaction is SNOTE

 What is the process for applying SAP NOTES to sap system?
     Go to transaction code SNOTE ---> go to menu ---> download sap note ---> give the NOTE number -
     --> after downloading check the status. If it shows that it can be implemented then select the NOTE go
     to menu SAPNOTE ---> implement note

E. How to install the Add-ons?
    Using the transaction code – SAINT\

F. Support packages: support packages are multiple of object corrections
    Support packages contain the set of patches. Support packages we should apply on sequence manner.

G. The support packages status are stored in “PAT01” table and “PAT03

H. How do you get latest kernel, support packages & Add-ons?
     Service market place [www.service.sap.com]

I. While applying support packages. If users accurse in SPAU & SPDD phases then what will        you do?
    SPAU in problems accurse I can skip the problem. If it is SPDD in problems accurse I can         execute
    technical people.

J. SPDD & SPAU ---> please inform the customer to take care. If locked objects found can be        Release
    using the transaction code is SE03

K. What is naming convention for support packs?

L. What is the difference between sap note & support packages?
    SNOTE – single object correction
    Support package – multiple object correction

M. With solution manager can I apply support packages in C.I & D.I?
      Yes, I can
      We can install the C.I & D.I on the host and on the same <Sid> can apply support packages.
N. Usr\sap\trans\eps\in:
     This directory stores uncar patches which are download from the service market place

O. Table “TPFET” is used for store the parameter values along with patches

P. Kernel patch latest number: 156/291

Q. Support package highest level: 26

R. Patch: Group of NOTES is called patches

S. Packages: Group of patches is called packages

T. Stacks: Group of packages is called stacks

U. How to uncar .car/.sar files in UNIX single shot?
     # $for I in *, SAR: do SAPCAR –XVF $I: done

V. We can’t able to see uncar files in EPS directory then what will you do?
     May be file corrupted
     Sap car may old version

W. Can you apply the support packages in Java system?
     Yes, through SDM and JSPM

X. Why we required 2 background work process in support packages?
    Support package is the time taking process in this process due to some problems. If one job is failed
    another one job is take the backup.

Y. What are prerequisites for applying support packages?
    Ensure that SPAM/SAINT version is updated to the current version.
    Ensure that valid backup is available
    Ensure that STMS is consistence checked
    Ensure that at least two background work process are available
    Ensure that “RDDIMPDP” job schedule in the background in client “000” with user “DDIC”
    Patches should be applied in the sequence SAP_BASIS, SAP_ABAP, SAP_APPL,                   SAP_HR
    Ensure that there should enough space in the Database
    Ensure that there should be enough space in the usr\sap\trans\eps\in directory
   Apply the patches in the client 000 with user like DDIC
   We need lock the users in the sap system and also we need to intimate then well advanced         before applying
    support packages using SM02
    Ensure that internet connection is available to resolve the issues
    If the support packages are more than 10MB apply through application server, if not then through
    Download the support packages from www.service.sap.com
    After April 1st 2007 can be downloading only through solution manager
    Apply the patches in the landscape sequence. That is (DEV – QAS – PRD)
    Once support packages applied can’t be reverted back
    The patches comes in the format .sar (or) .car
    Download the patches into Tran’s directory and uncar the file using this command Sap car –       
    <filename> –R
    It will check for eps\en directory format is .ATT and .PAT files

Z. How to apply the support packages?
    Download the SAPKB***.car/SAPKA***.car/SAPKH***.car files
    Uncar into the Eps\In directory
    Go to SPAM
    Load the packages from front – end (or) application server
    Display define the Queue
    Import Queue
    The import can be scheduled immediately (or) background immediately (or) at later time        

    during off peak hours