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Sunday, 5 January 2014

JSPM (Java Support Package Manager)

                                      JSPM (Java Support Package Manager)

 JSPM is used for deployment of the patch of java system from 700 kernel on words

B. JSPM Path is – usr\sap\<Sid><instance number>\j2ee\JSPM\go.bat

C. Download the support patches put in usr\sap\trans\eps\in

D. JSPM contains are
    1.Support stack
    2.Single support stack
    3.New s/w component
    4.Business packages

E. Here no need to apply the support packages in sequence

F. If we want login the JSPM it asks the password then we must give the SDM password

G. Before applying the JSPM we need to check the trance directory is full (or) not

H. How to apply the support packages in JSPM?
     Download the java support pack stack from the market place
     Keep the stack files under usr\sap\trance\eps\in

 I. We can apply the kernel patches also using the JSPM