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Sunday, 5 January 2014

SDM (Software Deployment Manager)

                                  SDM (Software Deployment Manager)

What is the SDM?
     SDM is only for the C.I, there is no SDM for dialog instance

B. SDM tool is used for deploy (or) un deploy the Java patches
    1. Deploy: It is using their services we can start & stop the application server runtime. Java patch
        extension .SCA (or) .SDA
        SCA: component archive
        SDA: software deployment archive
    2. Un deployment:
        Click on un deployment tab
        Selection file
        Start un deployment

C. For up to 640 kernel for deployment & un deployment

D. SDM path is – usr\sap\<instance number>\SDM\program\remotegui.bat

E. SDM port number is – 5<instance number>18

F. SDM we can run in two modules
    1.Stand alone mode: whenever we start the system then we have to start the SDM separately
    2.Integrate mode: the SDM automatically started