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Sunday, 5 January 2014



EP (Enterprise Portal)

 Portal components are as java, EP, EP Core

B. Portal system logon URL: http://hostname:5<instance number>00/irj/portal
     irj = iview runtime java

C. In java login URL:http://hostname:5<instance number>00

D. java users are – j2ee_admin and administrator

E. What is the use of portal system?
     Portal is the middle ware technology
     It is a web based technology based on web site

F. What is purpose of collaboration?
    Chat with in the company, the people who are under the company

G. What is knowledge management?
     We are storing the sap documents in the company. It gets from the BW system.

H. EP post installation steps:
     1.Maintain the JVM settings in config tool
     2.Configure the SLD for portal system
     3.Configure the single sign on
     4.Create the JCO RFC destination between portal and backend systems
     5.Installation the license for the portal system
     6.Configure the backup for portal system
I. When we login to the portal system the tables are
    1.Content administration
        By using this we configure the portal content like iview, work sets & pages
    2.User administration
        By using this we can create the portal users assign the portal roles to particular users and export import
        of the roles, users
    3.System administration
        By using this we can configure the SSO and key store administration & UWL [universal work list
J. How to start the java system?
   DB, SCS, C.I, D.I

K. Work process overview – JCMON