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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Operation mode

Operation mode
A. What is operation mode?
     Switch the dialog work process to background work process vice versa using operation mode.

B. RZ04 is for monitoring the operation mode & instances. Create the operation modes and delete the
     operation modes.

C. SM63 is used time table for operation mode

D. RZ03 is used to switch the operation mode.

E. How to create the operation mode?
    Maintain the operation modes T_Code is – RZ04.We assign time table for the operation mode T_Code is
    – sm63.Then assign the instance.

F. How to delete the operation mode?
    First delete the time table and save empty. Then operation mode using Rz04

G. What is exceptional operation mode?
     We need extend the maintains +day,-day and date, we will do it

H. Operation modes switch automatically at the times defined in the time table – using the system program is

I. No active operation modes – using program is – SAPMSSY6