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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Visual admin tool

Visual admin tool

To login to the visual admin tool data base and java system must be up

B. We need user ID & password for login to the visual admin tool

C. If you change this visual admin tool then we don’t need restart the sap system

D. Visual admin tool path is –

E. Visual admin tool port number is: 5<instance number>04

F. Destination for java system: [destination (or) target system] [one java is connected to another java system]

G. Licensing adapter: after downloading the market place we give license here

H. JCORFC Provider
     This is used for connecting the Abap system and java system
     1.Program – SSO
     2.Gwservice – sapgw00
     3.Server count – 2
     4.Application server host –
     5.System no –
     6.User ID –
     7.Password –
     8.Log viewer – here we can see all the logs

I. All the runtime errors we can check in the file Default. Trace file
   Usr\sap\<Sid>\<instance number>\J2EE\cluster\security\log

J. Monitoring services:
    These used for monitoring the java system

K. Key store services: these are the services we can to create the sap logon tickets. These log on tickets
     used for authorization and security for java system.